Our support

Our sector support offer is shaped through direct engagement with the sector to ensure that local authorities have the support they most need to improve and respond to a wide range of challenges and opportunities.


Our sector support offer encompasses a broad range of programmes based on what works for improvement: a strong, representative political and managerial leadership and workforce, support and challenge from one’s peers, the ability to benchmark performance against others, use of comparable data and the sharing of good practice.

Local authorities are pillars of our communities. Whether by supporting those who are most vulnerable, responding to climate change or driving improvements in economic growth, councils have a critical role in delivering the best outcomes for residents.

How to access our support

Local authorities can access support through our regionally based principal advisers (PAs), who offer extensive experience of working at a senior level in local government and the wider local public sector. Our principal advisers are the primary contact point for discussions with councils about their support needs and the tools.

Our support programmes

Access a summary of the support we offer in our Sector support offer for local authorities 2023/24.

To find out more about the impact of our support programmes, see our Supporting council improvement – 2022/23 highlights.

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