Transformation Experts programme

Our Transformation Experts programme provides targeted capacity, support and guidance to help other local authorities to deliver transformation via a cohort of experienced, skilled and qualified experts from those councils who are further along in their transformation activities.

Our Transformation Experts programme offers bespoke advice and support to local authorities to help them deliver transformation activities. We have a cohort of transformation experts who have delivered transformation programmes in their own councils. The experts also cover a wide range of service specific expertise including but not limited to:

  • service transformation
  • data and digital
  • adult social care
  • children's services
  • council culture
  • organisational change
  • partnership-working
  • economic growth and business intelligence
  • behavioural insights
  • governance
  • commissioning.

Our Transformation Experts will be linked up with councils who request ad hoc support to provide expert advice. This could range from reviewing their council plans and projects, to offering constructive challenge based on their own experience and knowledge. The type of support will be led and determined by the needs of the recipient council. The support will be available for a maximum of 10 days until March 2024.

If you would like to find out how your council could benefit from this support, then please complete and submit the form below:

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Transformation – case studies

We have a selection of case studies which highlight how councils have been innovative in their transformation activities and welcome any council who wishes to submit one.

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