Find out about the LGA's current campaigns.

Save local services

The future financial sustainability of councils is on a cliff-edge. Without Government action, they will have no choice but to significantly cut the local services our communities – and economy – rely on.

Debate Not Hate

Anyone, regardless of their background or political affiliation, should feel safe to become a councillor and be proud to represent their community. But the increasing level of abuse and intimidation aimed at local politicians is undermining local democracy and putting councillors at risk. Our new campaign is working to challenge the toxicity of public debate and pushing for change.

Build Back Local

The pandemic showed what central and local government can achieve during a crisis, when working together towards a shared goal. Now, as we face a number of new challenges in the fall out from the war in Ukraine, cost of living pressures, and the climate emergency, our Build Back Local campaign makes the case for local government to be trusted to tackle these challenges, help communities level up and to ensure they are financially and socially resilient in the longer term. 

Learn more about Build Back Local’s five main strands:

Cost of living

Councils want to work with government to prevent poverty and disadvantage, improving life chances and building resilience. 

Council cost pressures 

Rising energy costs, spiralling inflation, and wage bill pressures are set to blow a hole in council budgets this year. We need to ensure councils have the resources they need to meet these unpredicted costs. 

Work Local 

Our vision for a devolved and integrated employment and skills system, giving local leaders the powers and funding to join up provision. 

A local path to net zero 

Councils want to work with government to tackle climate change, translating national climate ambitions into transformative action on the ground. 

Future foundations 

Councils share the collective national ambition to tackle their local housing crisis and create great places for current and future generations.  

The future of adult social care

Everyone should be able to live the life they want to lead; to connect to the things that make them feel alive and valued. When social care is working well, it supports people to achieve this, whatever their circumstances. This is the future of adult social care we are calling for.  

The Government’s adult social care reform plans present that opportunity, but funding is needed to reflect their level of ambition. We are working to ensure that councils’ voices are reflected in their plans so people are supported to live their best life.  

Be a councillor

Increasing the pool of talent from which councillors are elected is a key task for local government. We need different kinds of people willing to stand for election so that parties get a choice of quality candidates.

Digital Switchover

By 2025, analogue telephone services accessed by the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) will be switched off as the UK's telecoms infrastructure is upgraded to digital connectivity. Our resources help partners raise awareness of the switchover within their own communities.