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Local Government White Paper

Local government is the key to solving some of our biggest national challenges. With the General Election taking place in July, now must be a time for change and new hope. With the right support and the right reforms, we can do much more to get better outcomes for residents in the places we represent, and for the whole country.

Save local services

The future financial sustainability of councils is on a cliff-edge. Without Government action, they will have no choice but to significantly cut the local services our communities – and economy – rely on.

Step Ahead

A councils' responsibilities don't stop when a young person leaves care. Our Step Ahead campaign wants to ensure that care-experienced young people get the best start to their adult life by improving support to them directly, and improving the support provided to councils. 

Back Local Climate Action

Tackling climate change is one of the biggest threats facing our communities and ranks high in peoples’ priorities. Councils have some impact on over 80 per cent of an areas’ emissions, and direct impact over a third of emissions given their central role in housing, transport and energy.  The impact of local climate action can be enormous, and councils are united in the call for devolved approaches that realise this potential.

Debate Not Hate

Anyone, regardless of their background or political affiliation, should feel safe to become a councillor and be proud to represent their community. But the increasing level of abuse and intimidation aimed at local politicians is undermining local democracy and putting councillors at risk. Our new campaign is working to challenge the toxicity of public debate and pushing for change.

The future of adult social care

Everyone should be able to live the life they want to lead; to connect to the things that make them feel alive and valued. When social care is working well, it supports people to achieve this, whatever their circumstances. This is the future of adult social care we are calling for.  

The Government’s adult social care reform plans present that opportunity, but funding is needed to reflect their level of ambition. We are working to ensure that councils’ voices are reflected in their plans so people are supported to live their best life.  

Be a Councillor

Increasing the pool of talent from which councillors are elected is a key task for local government. We need different kinds of people willing to stand for election so that parties get a choice of quality candidates.

Digital Switchover

The UK’s telephone network is changing. Between now and 2025 most telephone providers will be moving their customers from old analogue landlines over to new upgraded landline services using digital technology. The new network will provide a future proof, more reliable and dependable broadband service that will support the UK for decades to come.  

This means services that rely on the old landline system such as home phones and healthcare devices will be switched over. We've launched a toolkit for councils and partners to use to raise awareness of the digital switchover for their residents and communities. Most services and providers should be checking in with their clients ahead of the switchover, but we want to support councils to make sure they can reach residents too.

Work Local 

Work Local is our ambitious, practical vision for a devolved and integrated employment and skills system, which gives democratically elected local leaders the power and funding to work with partners to join up provision.

Councils turn 50

On 1 April 2024, we will celebrate the 50th anniversary for hundreds of councils across the country created under the Local Government Act 1972. We've designed a suite of graphics and logos for councils to download, edit and post on social media to help mark the occasion.