Resetting the relationship between local and national government. Read our Local Government White Paper

Make It Local

To deliver priorities for the public the Government needs to #MakeItLocal

We launched our Make It Local publication at the LGA Annual Conference 2023. You can read about our campaign below.

Our Make It Local campaign has informed our Local Government White Paper, which is now available to read.

Local Government White Paper

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Make It Local

Public services can be delivered faster, better and more efficiently at a local level.

To deliver priorities for the public the Government needs to #MakeItLocal. Councils touch the everyday lives of people and places.

The Government will only be able to tackle challenges and achieve the ambitions of its electorate if it resets the relationship between national and local government. This would mean trusting that communities, through their local councils, are best placed to take decisions on how frontline services are delivered.

Local government can deliver faster and more efficiently:

  • Growing the economy
  • Improving our health and care services
  • Acting on climate change
  • Tackling the rising cost of living
  • Building more houses
  • Improving life chances for all children
  • Making our communities safer
  • Building strong local politics

Our Make It Local publication launched at LGA Annual Conference 2023 has detailed briefings on the above areas outlining how local government is key to delivering solutions to the biggest issues for the public. 

For Make It Local to work it will require:

  • fully empowered local government
  • resetting the culture of Whitehall
  • a new approach to funding and resources.

#MakeItLocal for our communities to thrive.

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