Behaviour Change Leads Group (BCLG)

Join our Behaviour Change Leads Group – a network of council officers working in behaviour change who meet to discuss developments in the behavioural insights landscape. Learn new techniques, network, and hear from guest speakers about new trials, results and notable practice.

Across the country, behavioural insights have been used across public services to generate low-cost interventions to improve service outcomes. The approach is based on the idea that interventions aimed at encouraging people to make better choices for themselves and society will be more successful if they are based on insights from behavioural science.

Our Behaviour Change Leads Group (BCLG) supports officers who are working on behavioural change projects, with subjects ranging from public health to climate, environment, and waste to name a few.

Crucial to the group is having the space to share support, opportunities, and notable practice. The composition of the BCLG is representative of councils across England and is led by councils, for councils.

The group is led by:

  • Chair: Michelle Constable, Head of Behaviour Change Unit at Hertfordshire County Council.

Several sub-groups that have been set up by council officers, including:

Climate Emergency sub group

Co-chair: Laura Taylor, Environmental Engagement and Behaviour Change Manager, Kent County Council

Co-chair: Jonathan Baker, Insight and Engagement Unit, Hampshire County Council

Measuring Impact sub group

Chair: Michelle Constable, Head of Behaviour Change Unit at Hertfordshire County Council

Get involved

The group is open to new members who work in relevant officer roles for a local authority. If you would like to join, please submit an expression of interest form. If accepted, you will be added to the membership list and invited to all future meetings.

Contact us

If you would like to find out more about our Behaviour Change Leads Group, please email us at [email protected]