Highlighting political leadership

Our political leadership development programmes support and develop councillors to help ensure that our local politicians are confident and capable.

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Leading Edge

Boosting Middle Leaders is a leadership programme which brings together councillors and officers to build relationships, share perspectives, and develop practices that will help them to deliver the best outcomes for their places and communities. 

The programme, delivered through a blend of online and in-person workshops and residentials, is part of the LGA Leading Edge programme, delivered in collaboration with the Leadership Centre.

We are seeking councillors and officers who are in the pipeline to the most senior roles.

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Councillor development resources

Learning and development for councillors is vital for councils to deliver what our communities need. At the heart of healthy local democracy is effective political leadership – with councillors who are well-equipped, supported, resilient, and confident to make a difference. We have collated a range of good practice resources relating to councillor development, drawn from councils across England.

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