The Leader's programme

The Leaders' Programme is a modular cross-party leadership development opportunity designed around the needs of council leaders.

The Leaders Programme is a new  modular cross-party leadership development opportunity designed around the needs of council leaders. 

About the programme

The Leaders' Programme will support and stretch leaders to ensure they have the capacity to successfully lead their communities and organisations. The programme seeks to create a safe space for council leaders to share their concerns and challenges; learn from one another; work together on addressing the big issues they face; and explore and test new ways of working and leading across their organisations, partnerships and communities.

Participants themselves will set the programme agenda, selecting from a menu of expert speakers and supported throughout with external facilitation.

Benefits of attending

The programme will provide a group of like-minded council leaders with the time and space to:

  • better understand the changing environment and how it might impact on their local community and landscape
  • develop and enhance their organisations agility and resilience when addressing the complex and difficult challenges their communities face
  • reflect and sharpen their own leadership skills so that they are better equipped to harness collaborative energies of individuals, communities, businesses and public sector partners to deliver enhanced public value in these challenging times.

Who is it for?

The programme is designed for council leaders or directly elected mayors who usually have been in the role for three years or less. All participants will be invited through our political group offices.


Module 1: (Thursday, 21 November - Friday, 22 November 2024): Shaping the future 

Module One will focus on the leader’s role in ‘Shaping the future’ for their council, their places, and their communities. Here leaders will explore the role of the local government leaders on a regional or national platform.

Module 2 (Thursday, 16 January - Friday, 17 January 2025): Navigating the political domain

Political leadership is fraught with challenges, dilemmas and hard choices that need political backing and capital. This module will provide leaders with the discrete space to explore the nuances of managing group dynamics and the art of making politics work for the people you represent.

Module 3 (Thursday, 20 February - Friday, 21 February 2025): Making your mark

Here leaders will explore how they each go about delivering and making real their political promises and manifesto pledges.


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