Community leadership

Supporting effective political leadership and helping councils strengthen local accountability, monitor performance and drive improvement.

For new councillors in particular the Community Leadership offer provides a number of resources to support politicians in their role as community leaders, facilitators and advocates. Offering a choice of different learning methods, the Community Leadership resources range from e-learning modules, self-guided workbooks and training events held for your council on topics such as induction, effective ward councillor, chairing skills and social media. 

For more information about the Community Leadership Programme, download our brochure.

E-learning resources

Our new e-learning platform enables councillors to deepen their knowledge of local government and develop the essential leadership skills needed to work more effectively with their communities.

Through the platform, users can create a bespoke learning programme, choosing the modules most relevant to their individual needs and interests, and allowing them to fit their learning around work or other commitments.

To find out more, please visit the e-learning platform for councillors homepage.

Councillor workbooks

The LGA has produced a series of distance learning materials, covering a number of topics, in the form of workbooks. The workbooks are aimed at all councillors and will be particularly useful to new councillors.

New Councillors' Hub

The LGA has developed a ‘new councillors’ hub specially designed to provide newly elected councillors with all the essential information you need to know when you first become a councillor. As well as details of events being run at regional and national level for new councillors.

Community Leadership Modules

The LGA can also offer a range of in house training course on a variety of topics from our range of community leadership resources if it is considered that this would be a preferred way of undertaking learning and development.

Contact: Alison Edwards
Telephone: 020 7665 3857

Political skills framework

This toolkit for councillors provides a means of identifying and highlighting the key skills needed for the role. It provides a self-reflective review learning tool to identify areas of strength and those needing development.

Read the revised version of the Political Skills Framework (PDF)

Read the Fuller Report into the use of the framework over time (PDF)

Councillor Development Charter

The Charter and Charter Plus helps support councillor development and recognises councils that have built an effective approach.

Learning and development is an important tool for councils to be able to deliver what our communities need and effective political leadership is at the heart of healthy democracy – with councillors who are well equipped and supported, resilient in times of challenge, and confident to make a difference, deliver and be trusted.

The Charter and Charter Plus provides councils with a robust framework but one that is flexible to local needs, and focuses positively and supportively on what councils already have in place.

There is a strong emphasis on a local approach to a national framework. Rather than dictating a council’s strategy, content or delivery mechanisms, the emphasis is on ensuring that all councillors are appropriately developed and supported to be effective in their roles.

The LGA works with the regional council organisations to review and support the Charter and Charter Plus.

Please contact your regional organisation to find out more about the benefits and process of accreditation for your council:

East Midlands

North East, Yorkshire and Humber

North West

South East, London, East of England

South West

West Midlands

These offers are funded by the UK Government