Transformation action learning sets

Our transformation action learning sets provide a unique development opportunity for councillors and officers to explore possible solutions to overcome obstacles in their transformation programmes.

For each series of action learning sets, participating councils must nominate at least one officer and one councillor to attend, and both must sign up to attend all three action learning sets in a series.

The action learning sets will bring together officers and councillors to learn together so they can develop solutions and overcome barriers to implementing transformation. Councils can bring a different challenge to each session, but they must all relate to the delivery of a transformation project.

Benefits to councils

  • A safe environment to reflect, exchange and curate knowledge. 
  • The pathway for participants to develop the capability to deliver transformation. 
  • A peer network of mutual support, aimed at supporting attendees both during and after the Action Learning Sets.
  • Learning about transformation projects in other councils. 
  • A time and place to regularly collaborate and tackle challenges.

Each action learning set series is open to English council officers and councillors, free of charge. Workshops will last a maximum of three hours and will be hosted on Microsoft Teams.

Upcoming action learning set series

Times and registration links to follow. 

Action learning set series 1

Officers and councillors | Virtual action learning set 

  • Session 1: Thursday 26 September 2024, AM (time tbc)
  • Session 2: Tuesday 8 October 2024, AM (time tbc)
  • Session 3: Thursday 24 October 2024, AM (time tbc)

Action learning set series 2

Officers and councillors | Virtual action learning set 

  • Session 1: Thursday 31 October 2024, AM (time tbc)
  • Session 2: Wednesday 13 November 2024, AM (time tbc)
  • Session 3: Tuesday 26 November 2024, AM (time tbc)

Action learning set series 3

Officers and councillors | Virtual action learning set 

  • Session 1: Thursday 30 January 2025, AM (time tbc)
  • Session 2: Tuesday 11 February 2025, PM (time tbc)
  • Session 3: Wednesday 19 February 2025, AM (time tbc)

Action learning set principles 

"A problem shared is a problem halved."  

Action learning sets work on this basis and build on it by bringing people with experience of a problem together to explore possible solutions, try them out, and develop them further. 

Initial requirements

Before the first action learning set session, each participating council needs to think about the project-based issue that they wish to bring to the set. They should consider the following:

  • The issue lends itself to an action learning set - where there is no conclusive “right answer” and there are many ways which could be followed from the present position. 
  • The issue may be complex, multi-faceted and interlinked across functions and service delivery. 
  • The issues should be work related and associated with sustainability You must have some level of responsibility for the project and initiative.  
  • You must be able to influence the outcome.  
  • It must be a project that you can make realistic progress on within the time scale of the programme.

Delegate expectations 

The project is aimed at councillors and officers working on any appropriate transformation-related portfolio at councils in England, who:

  • Have the capacity to undertake the action learning sets, which will include a commitment to three sessions, completing satisfaction surveys and participating in the wider network.
  • Are willing to share learning and experiences from the programme within their councils and with other councils across the country.
  • Can contribute positively to all the sessions and workshops.
  • Could provide a case study of their developed project and experience working on the programme.

If you have any questions, please email us at  [email protected]