Councillor Anntoinette Bramble

I became the change I wanted to see. Focus on what you can bring rather than what you cannot. It's about utilising the skills you have.

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Why did you decide to stand for election?

Representation is important. I rarely saw people who looked like me in politics and so became the change I wanted to see. I think this is important for Hackney - a place home to a high percentage of Black residents, to have positive representations of people who look like them.  I also wanted to be an advocate for my community and see my role as facilitating change that shapes our communities so many people’s lives. 

Your advice or tips for other people considering putting themselves forward for election

Focus on what you can bring rather than what you cannot. You don't have to be born into a political dynasty, it's about utilising the skills you have in your approach to politics. You may be concerned about people disagreeing with you or receiving abuse from social media but don’t let that stop you - you not standing  for election won’t change that - standing will help as working in politics means you’re in one of the professions to make change. The most important thing if you’re going to stand is to be a strong advocate for your community. You are there to champion their needs and be their voice, and by working as a team alongside your colleagues, you can help improve our local communities. 

Your proudest contribution or achievement for your council and local community

Hackney Young Futures lead young people listened to over 2000 young people about their lived experience in the borough, they made recommendations. Give young people a platform and they provide solutions. I’m pleased and humbled  to be the first Black deputy leader of a local government but I certainly don’t want to be the last. I am more concerned with building the legacy for future Leaders. That means staying focused on the day to day work of listening to the community and acting on their behalf.

Councillor Anntoinette Bramble, London Borough of Hackney, Labour