Councillor Emma Will

I wanted to do something different from my previous career in the City, with flexible hours and contributing to the community

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I was approached by the local Conservative Group and asked if I would like to become a councillor. The call came at a good moment for me, as my son was due to start school and I had been thinking about going back to work. However, I wanted to do something different from my previous career in the City; I wanted more flexible hours and the ability to contribute to the community.

I really appreciated the Conservative Group’s upfront approach and was encouraged by the fact that the council was prepared to look ‘outside the box’ to find new talent. I had never seriously considered becoming a councillor until it was suggested to me. That said, my introduction to local government wasn’t easy: I had three very tough interviews, including one with 15 councillors from the local party. On top of this, I was thinking through the time commitment involved to make sure I could balance the job with meeting my family’s needs. I was absolutely thrilled to win.

I do a lot of work with family and children’s services and enjoy the challenge of serving on our fostering and adoption panels. I love getting involved with local issues and helping residents with their problems.

Councillor Emma Will: Conservative, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea