Assessing the impacts of Use Class E on town centres and high streets - 23 February 2023

This event introduced findings from a recent study into how town centres and high streets have changed since the introduction of Use Class E in September 2020, as well as how local planning authorities (LPAs) are responding to this.

Introduced in September 2020, Class E is a relatively new use class within the Use Class Order that brings together a number of former uses under one broad ‘commercial, business and service’ heading. Covering many of the activities traditionally found in high streets or town centres, it is intended to support flexibility and diversity and help high streets and town centres better respond to the negative consequences of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Working with the independant consultancy Quod, we have been seeking to identify the impacts of these changes over recent years and explore how local planning authorities have responded in terms of local plans and decision making. This event set out the results of an evidence based study, exploring the different sources of data available for tracking change in town centres, identifying trends since September 2020 and illustrating areas of good practice by local planning authorities.

This event presented a summary of the main findings from Quod's research work as well as a number "key messages" for LPAs in terms of policy and practice. Delegates also heard directly from Redcar and Cleveland Council on the impact of Class E in their area and what this may mean for local planning considerations.




Recording of presentations at the event

Emilie Payne & Alice Noyd-Mead (Quod) and Rebecca Wren (Redcar & Cleveland)