PAS CIL and Section 106 events Autumn 2019

These are the event materials and workbook from this very successful event series.

During the autumn we ran a series of workshops around the country with MHCLG on the September 2019 reforms to developer contributions. This included the amendments to the Community Infrastructure Levy regulations, updated Planning Policy Guidance the role of Infrastructure Funding Statements and how CIL and Section 106 should work together. It was fantastic to see so many officers at these events and for everyone fully taking part in our sessions on calculating CIL liabilities under the new regulations.

For those who were not able to make it we have uploaded a copy of the presentation on our website and also the extremely helpful CIL calculations question and answer workbooks that you can use to help update and train officers. 

The main presentation:


The CIL calculations question set:

The answers to the CIL calculations question above: