How to manage your Planning service when times are tough

PAS hosted an event for Local Authority Planning managers on funding Planning services looking at a range of best practice approaches. The event was held on 9th November 2021.

November 2021

The event included the following speakers:

Paul Barnard - Service Director for Strategic Planning and Infrastructure, Plymouth City Council

Paul gave a case study of how he manages to win the arguments with his Corporate Management Team over funding for Planning at Plymouth and how he maximises the opportunities he has within his Department to maximise funding opportunities in Planning.

Rob Jarman - Head of Planning and Development, Maidstone Borough Council

Rob explained how Maidstone maximises the use of discretionary fees to fund the Planning service.  Rob focused particularly on the way that Maidstone works with developers to agree Planning Performance Agreements (PPAs) and how PPAs are funded.

Paul Britton - Senior Manager, Homes England

Paul explained how Homes England works with Planning Authorities to deliver key regeneration projects.  He outlined the benefits of PPAs from a developer's perspective and opportunities available to Planning Authorities to access external funding.