Survey of planning departments 2019

In Spring 2019 we carried out survey of planning departments on behalf of MHCLG and the LGA. 120 councils responded giving us a rich picture of how departments of various shapes and sizes view their skills, capacity and longer-term outlook.

We are producing two sets of materials from the survey - a high-level overview of the results and some more detailed studies that will be sent out to participating councils in September to say "thank you" for taking part. 

The presentations and findings

Many councils gave us a thoughtful assessment of how they see things changing, and it is likely we will invite them to an event or two in the Autumn to discuss the resourcing picture in more detail. 

We think that having appropriate skill, capacity and resources is one of those fundamental components of the planning system. This survey has been a great way of making clear the different scales and tasks facing planning authorities of different types, and will be used with various stakeholders to inform and test different approaches to resourcing planning over the long term. 

If your regional network is interested in discussing the results of the survey in more detail get in touch with the PAS lead for this work  [email protected]