Planning peer challenge

A peer challenge offers you an in-depth look at your service and provides a critical friend's view of your weaknesses and opportunities.

It is ideal as a baseline for new Heads of service and for places thinking about the long-term health of their services. 

The peer challenge model is a proven tool for support delivered by the LGA. Our thematic peer challenge runs in an identical way, but the focus is on the planning service area. 

What makes a peer challenge different are the people delivering it. They are senior councillors and officers from local government who understand your service. Because they understand the context they can ask and listen effectively, drawing together a view of where you are and what will need to happen to prepare for the future. 

Peer challenges represent a significant investment of time and energy, and need to be tailored appropriately to be of best value. Councils have asked us to look at the relationships between stakeholders, how services can support themselves in the future and whether all actors are pulling in the same direction. Each one is unique. 

A peer challenge requires a corporate commitment. If you think you have that, get in touch and we will see how we can help. 

Becoming a peer

If you are a local authority planning officer or a councillor with a role (or interest) in planning, you could help us to provide sector-led support for planning authorities. 

This work could include supporting us at events by talking about your experiences and giving tips, helping with councillor training sessions, being part of a peer challenge team, being part of a review panel for authorities, or helping with mentoring for specific problems within an authority.

Councillors should contact their political group office at the LGA who can provide more help and advice. Officers should just get in touch with us - either through a contact you already know or just use the standard address.