Covid-19 LPA response survey and tracker

PAS & Lichfields are collecting and sharing information about how LPAs are operating during the COVID-19 lockdown through a survey and tracker. Please share your information.

We know that LPA planning teams are working hard during the COVID-19 lockdown and that the situation is changing rapidly. We are keen to maintain an up to date and accurate picture of what is happening in each authority to help highlight and share practice and to help us target our support to where it is needed.

To help gather and share this information, PAS is working in partnership with Lichfields – the planning consultancy - which is hosting an online map-based tracker of how LPAs are working in response to the pandemic.

Lichfields has assembled an initial iteration of information in the tracker based on material LPAs have published and there own initial survey of Councils. The tracker gives live information on all LPAs practices on development management, plan making and resources.  Please take a look it to see what is presented for your LPA and if the information in the tracker for your LPA is incomplete, needs updating or requires amending you can provide the necessary information by either:

We know the situation will continue to evolve, so would ask that you take a moment to update us as and when the situation in your LPA changes. Your information will be invaluable to our role in supporting colleagues throughout the sector. 

The survey questions are:

1. How are pre-application discussions being undertaken?

2. Are you able to validate applications?

3. How are publicity requirements (i.e. notification of applications) being met/adapted?

4. How are consultation requirements (statutory consultations and community engagement) being met/undertaken?

5. How will decisions previously determined by Committee be made?

6. Have local Plan timelines been adjusted?

7. What impact, if any, will the crisis have on Local Plan consultations?

8. Approximately what proportion of planning staff have been redeployed?

9. Are there any other issues which are affecting the delivery of normal planning services, for example sealing s106, enforcement, site visits? If yes, how are these issues being addressed?

10. Any other local intel/information?



“We are pleased to work jointly with Lichfields on this initiative. It enables us to update information instantly which makes our monitoring valuable to the sector and also allows us to provide accurate analysis. By working together we can understand the how LPAs are working through the crisis, be in a position to celebrate the best practice, and also provide support where necessary.” Anna Rose, Head of PAS

“We’re delighted to be working alongside PAS and that our online resource can assist its efforts. We know the sector is hungry for up to date intelligence on how LPAs are adapting, but also that planning officers don’t want to be bogged down responding to repeated requests for information on what their Council is doing. Our partnership with PAS means the tracker can provide a single repository for this information; it already holds data for almost 90% of Councils and coverage is increasing daily. Partnering with PAS will help accelerate our efforts in monitoring the rapidly changing situation, consistent with our commitment to provide insight, innovation and advice across the planning and development sector”. Matthew Spry, Senior Director.