Local Plan Gateway Reviews

Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) are required to have an up to date local plan in place by the end of 2023 or face government sanction/intervention. The planning system is in the middle of substantial change and PAS has created a "Gateway Review" to help LPAs to weigh up the best way to get their local plan ‘to the line’.

A PAS Gateway Review will help you weigh up the best way to get your local plan ‘to the line’ by December 2023.

Whatever stage your local plan is at, the timetable is under pressure. The global pandemic, the White Paper proposals, the new method for calculating housing numbers, changes to Use Classes - have all presented risks and opportunities for your local plan and Local Development Scheme (LDS).

We want LPAs to have confidence about choosing the most efficient/effective course of action for the production of their local plan – especially those LPAs that have ongoing work and are aiming to get an up to date plan by 2023. 

PAS Local Plan Gateway Review is an independent assessment of the risks and opportunities you face. Working with your planning team, our gateway review specialists will:

  • Review your plan progress to date
  • Identify the key issues and challenges
  • Look at what work is left to do Vs resources
  • Reality-check the timetable
  • Provide additional support where needed

The Gateway Review output will include a short focused report that will allow you to take an informed decision on the most efficient and effective course of action for the immediate future of the local plan, identify where further support is needed and create a dialogue for officers and members about keeping the plan ‘on-track’.

If you'd like to talk to PAS about a Gateway Review - contact [email protected]