Start with the spend in mind

Local authorities have a fundamental role in leading the coordination and delivery of infrastructure that will support their areas. Effective infrastructure planning, prioritisation and governance of spend are critical to supporting the delivery of sustainable development and growth.

To help your senior leadership understand the role of developer contributions in March 2020 we published an advice note on the role of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and Section 106 planning obligations including policies and processes. It was developed in response to changes in legislation and Planning Practice Guidance (PPG) on how they can be used effectively and how they must be reported on.

This advice note provides a series of factsheets that contain information and advice on how to develop and improve your approach to developer contributions. It raises key questions for you and your leadership teams and provides a useful overview before moving on to our more recently published detailed handbook on improving the governance of developer contributions which includes a self-assessment toolkit for councils. 

Start with the spend in mind - advice note March 2020

Start with the spend in mind full advice note