National Model Design Code Pilot Case Studies

This series of case studies were prepared as part of a six month testing programme for the draft National Model Design Code (NMDC), run by DLUHC (then, MHCLG) from April to September 2021. 14 selected Local Planning Authorities worked with the Office for Place, University College London and PAS to publish this series of case studies to highlight their work and lessons to help local councils and communities in using the National Model Design Code and helping to set standards in good design.  

Each case study highlights the variety in scale, geography, context, focus and delivery for each example.  They share key lessons and advice form the local authorities involved.

The case studies were produced as part of the monitoring and evaluation of the National Model Design Code (NMDC) Pilot Programme.  The full National Model Design Code (NMDC) Pilot Programme Monitoring and Evaluation can be downloaded here 

Not all participants prepared design codes and all the pilot projects were at different stages when the pilot started. These case studies are not a recommendation of best practice but seek to highlight the work the local authorities did as part of the pilot programme and the local authorities' reflections on the programme and the design coding process.

The Case studies were prepared by: Matthew Carmona, Wendy Clarke, Sarah Carmona, Brian Quinn and Valentina Giordano of UCL, The Bartlett School of Planning, based on research commissioned and facilitated by the Planning Advisory Service (PAS) on behalf of the Department for Levelling up, Housing Communities (DLUHC) and Office for Place (OfP).