Action on vaping from Chelmsford City Council

A template motion on vaping from Chelmsford City Council

Council notes with concern:

The increased use of vaping products by children in the UK. Recent data from the ASH Smokefree GB Youth Survey 2022 found that the prevalence of vaping amongst 11 to 18 year olds is increasing – from 4 per cent in 2021 to 8.6 per cent in 2022 – and a significant number of children buy these vaping products directly from newsagents or supermarkets.

The increased number of local authorities who have recently had to take enforcement activity against shops illegally selling vaping products to youngsters. In the last six months Trading Standards received six complaints about sales of Vapes to people under the age of 18, and have carried out three test purchases so far within the District Council area.

The marketing of certain vaping products – with bright coloured packaging and flavours such as bubblegum – that might appeal to children.

The significant increase in availability of disposable and single-use vaping products which are cheaper and easier for children to access.

The high volume of single use vapes being disposed of in general waste.

Increase in fires at UK waste plants due to damaged and highly flammable batteries and the increased costs this causes.

Council acknowledges the role vaping products may play in aiding adults to stop smoking, and that vaping products carry a small fraction of the risk, and exposure to toxins, that are associated with cigarettes.

However vaping is not risk free; particularly for those who have never smoked. Vaping products contain nicotine and research shows that most children who use them have never smoked.

Council recognises the Local Government Association has raised concerns about the sale of vaping products to children. Council calls for vaping products to be regulated in a similar way as tobacco products, with plain packaging and a requirement for products to be kept out of sight behind shop counters.

Council calls for:

Vaping products to be in plain packaging and kept out of sight behind the counter.

Mandatory age-of-sale signage on vaping products (this is currently voluntary)

A ban on free samples of vaping products being given out to people of any age, or if they contain nicotine.

A ban on the sale of single-use vaping products in the UK

The Council will commit to not allowing sale of vaping products in any Chelmsford City Council run premises.

Council instructs the Chief Executive to write to both Victoria Atkins and Steve Barclay MP’s, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care and Secretary of State for Environment respectively, to express the Council’s demand for the greater regulation of vaping products detailed in this motion and ban on the sale of single-use vapes.