Template Liberal Democrat Council motion (Israel-Gaza conflict)

Template motion

Council condemns the awful terrorist attacks carried out by Hamas in Israel on 7th October.

Council is horrified by the scenes of violence in the weeks and days since, in particular the devastating humanitarian situation in Gaza where over 10,000 Palestinians have already been killed and over 200 Israelis are still being held hostage.

Council supports Israel’s right to protect its citizens, in line with international law, which means targeting terrorists, not civilians, and ensuring that innocent Palestinians do not pay the price for Hamas’ actions.

Council expresses its concern at the UK Government’s failure to attempt to ensure that the Israeli government and its military adhere to the requirements of international law and the UK Government’s refusal to publish legal advice it has received in relation to the conflict.

Council affirms that Hamas remaining in Gaza is not tenable, and that a military solution alone will not achieve this aim.

Council believes:

  • The values of equality, democracy, human rights and the international rule of law are of fundamental importance.
  • All combatants must act in accordance with the rules of war and international humanitarian law. 
  • The hostages held by Hamas must be unconditionally released. 
  • Essential supplies of water, food, medicine and electricity must be restored to Gaza, and the passage of aid into Gaza must be facilitated.
  • The UK Government must lead calls for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire on a temporary basis which will: 
    • a. Facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid into Gaza
    • b. Provide an opportunity to realise the release of the hostages
    • c. Allow for an intensive period of diplomacy to realise a political solution, aimed at achieving two states and a lasting peace.
  • Council accordingly resolves to ask the UK Government to call for a temporary humanitarian ceasefire.
  • Council notes with deep concern the severe reverberations of this crisis in the UK, with Jewish, Muslim and Palestinian communities all fearing and grieving, and condemns the rise in antisemitism and Islamophobia since 7 October.
  • Council thanks community leaders for the role they are playing in reducing tensions at this sensitive and difficult time.
  • Council calls upon community leaders and public figures to act responsibly and work to bring communities together at this sensitive time.
  • Council also recognise the role [local police force] are playing at the current time in supporting communities [in local area].