Save our local rail ticket office

Council notes with concern recent reports that all 980 staffed ticket offices in England could be closed, following discussions between the Department for Transport and the Rail Delivery Group and changes to the Government’s guidance relating to ticket office opening hours.

Council believes that ticket offices provide a vital service to residents in [AREA NAME]. Having a clearly sign-posted place in the station for people with ticket enquiries provides certainty and confidence for customers who may struggle to otherwise locate station staff.  

Not all residents are able to use station ticket machines, or have the means to book a ticket in advance. Complicated journeys involving connections are likely to require human assistance to ensure customers purchase the most appropriate and cheapest tickets, and do not incur penalties from mis-booked tickets.

Council is concerned the closure of ticket offices will disproportionately affect elderly and disabled residents in [AREA NAME] – as well as those with poor literacy and IT skills. Council also notes the possible implications for current station staff and the concerns that have been raised over possible staff redundancies.

Council therefore resolves to:

  • Instruct the Chief Executive to write to the Secretary of State for Transport, and the Government Railways Minister, expressing Council’s opposition to the possible closure of staffed rail ticket offices – and in particular the office at [LOCAL STATION(S)]
  • Instruct the Chief Executive to write to [RAIL OPERATOR WHO RUNS LOCAL TICKET OFFICE] expressing the Council’s opposition to any plans to close the staffed ticket office at [LOCAL STATION(S)].
  • Refer this issue to [RELEVANT SCRUTINY COMMITTEE] with the recommendation that representatives from [RAIL OPERATOR] are invited to attend a Scrutiny Meeting at the earliest possible point to discuss future plans for staffing at [LOCAL STATION(S)].