Draft Social Care policy motion

From Councillor Mike Bell, Lib Dem member of LGA Community Well Being Board

Council notes:

  • The publication of the Government’s new policy paper, ‘Build Back Better: Our plan for health and social care’.
  • The Government’s intention to introduce a new ‘Health and Social Care Levy’ to raise approximately £11.4 billion per annum in additional revenue for the Department for Health and Social Care from 2022/23.
  • That most of this revenue in the first three years will go to the NHS to manage Covid-19 recovery.

Council is concerned:

  • That Government proposals propose no new funding towards existing pressures, demographic growth or inflation, with the expectation that these will be funded by council tax, social care precept and efficiencies.
  • That most of the new money for social care will fund reduced client contributions towards their care, rather than increasing capacity, sustainability or quality.
  • The Government has failed to take account of the impact of their proposals on employee and provider costs. This goes beyond social care, with other providers likely to experience additional costs for example in waste, public health and other areas.

Council resolves:

  • To request that the Leader and Chief Executive write to the Prime Minister and our local MP[s] to express council’s concern about the proposals.