Build back local

Now is the time to recognise and value local difference as the solution not the problem.

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Councils have been a trusted partner to Government to deliver throughout the pandemic. Now local government needs to be trusted to deliver recovery locally in a way that has the greatest impact for their communities.

As we move forward, enabling local people to make local decisions will create the conditions for sustainable growth, better public services and a stronger society.

Build back local: Building back better – the 2021 LGA Conference paper

In this paper we give a resident-centred view of local services and explore the future journeys our residents will be taking, demonstrating that our communities will need councils and the services they provide more than ever, as we look look to build back from the devastating impacts of the pandemic.

We also look at a range of ways that our sector support programme, funded by Government, has supported councils in responding to issues triggered by the pandemic, including challenges relating to recovery and renewal.