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Debate Not Hate: Councillor toolkit

Get involved: Download Debate Not Hate assets and templates.

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Abuse and intimidation have no place in politics. Be part of our call for change. 

How you can get involved

All of the councillor templates, assets and resources can be downloaded through the LGA's Dropbox folder. 

Our toolkit assets and suggested actions can help you get involved with the campaign, they range from raising awareness of your support for the campaign to influencing the campaign aims in Parliament. 

Raising awareness & monitoring

  • Promote the Debate Not Hate campaign through adding the banner to your email signature and using our Debate Not Hate Microsoft Teams/Zoom background for online meetings.
  • Shout about the campaign on your social media profiles by using the branded social media assets and suggested sample social text. 
  • Print the Debate Not Hate poster to display at public meetings and at your ward surgeries. 
  • Ensure your council has a clear reporting mechanism which councillors can use to can use to monitor and record incidents of harassment and abuse of councillors and officers.

Influencing locally and in Westminster

  • Commit as a council to the Debate Not Hate campaign by passing a council motion. You could ask council officers to use it a chance to gain local press coverage, see model motion and template press release if helpful.
  • If you haven't done so already, join the hundreds of councillors who have signed our Debate Not Hate public statement calling for a government working group and action plan to tackle this issue.
  • If you’re a leader of a council or relevant portfolio holder, discuss with your local Police and Crime Commissioner the need to take a preventative approach that accounts for the specific risks that councillors face, as they do with other high-risk individuals, like MPs.
  • Engage with your local MP to emphasise the commonality between your roles and highlight the impact of abuse on democracy. Template letter available on request; email [email protected]
  • Raise awareness of our ask to prioritise legislation which allows councillors to keep their home addresses private, as is the case for MPs, to the Minister for Local Government, Simon Hoare MP. Template letter available on request; email [email protected]

Promoting healthy debate

  • Utilise the LGA's rule of engagement and other resources to promote healthy debate in your interactions with the public and council colleagues. 
  • Uphold the principles of healthy and respectful debate in all your interactions. 

Stay informed

Please let us know what campaign actions you get involved with by emailing [email protected]

Dropbox: Debate Not Hate resources for councillors