Regional groupings

Councils choose to collaborate regionally to make an impact

The Local Government Association is the national voice for local government, but its voice is the sum of all parts. Councils choose to collaborate regionally to make an impact:

  • on strategic issues affecting more than one council, such as major transport infrastructure or an environmental issue
  • by providing more cost-effective services to councils through economies of scale, such as HR advice and or economic intelligence
  • by helping councils share learning and experience about what works on issues like adult social care and financing local public services
  • by working with Government to decentralise powers to councils that have chosen to work together and are accountable to local electorates
  • by keeping the LGA updated has the latest information about the needs and priorities of councils so it can work effectively in Westminster and Whitehall.

Each association is a voluntary and independent body, run and supported by its member councils. Find out more about the nine regional associations across England by following the links below to their websites: