LGA unveils vision for fire and rescue services with focus on workforce

The Local Government Association (LGA) is today setting a challenging new target for recruitment of female firefighters to ensure fire and rescue services reflect the communities they serve.

Firemen from back

Unveiled this morning at the LGA’s Fire Conference in Gateshead, the LGA’s Fire Vision 2024 calls for 30 per cent of new recruits to be women by the middle of the next decade. Currently only 5 per cent of firefighters are women.

A more diverse workforce is seen as essential if the fire and rescue service is to succeed in broadening its role and its partnerships to become a response, prevention, and protection service for the 21st century, as the Vision foresees.

Cllr Ian Stephens, Chair of the Local Government Association’s Fire Services Management Committee, said:

“It’s essential our fire and rescue services represent the communities we serve. Fire and Rescue Authorities are keen to recruit an increasingly diverse workforce after several years during which recruitment has been on hold.”

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Fire Vision 2024
What will 21st century fire and rescue services look like in 2024? The fire and rescue service is an emergency response service, an effective prevention service and stands at the heart of our nation’s resilience capabilities. It is trusted and respected by its local communities.