Our meetings

Our governance structure is one of the key mechanisms through which LGA members shape and direct the LGA’s decision making.

LGA organisational chart

Chart illustrating the governance structure of the LGA - see 'Governance description' following this image for detailed information


Access information on the LGA’s meetings, including agenda documents.

General Assembly
The General Assembly, the 'parliament of Local Government', meets once a year, and is the only LGA decision making forum which all authorities in full membership are eligible to attend and to vote.

The LGA’s calendar of member meetings 

Outside Bodies 
View the LGA’s appointments to outside bodies and partner organisations.

Member Roles and Induction 
There are a number of different roles which Members can be appointed to within the LGA's Member Structures. More information on these roles and what they entail can be found here. 

Code of Conduct 
Councillors serving on LGA's member structures, or otherwise undertaking LGA business, are required to operate in accordance with the member code of conduct of their home local authority. The LGA complaints procedure can be viewed here. 

Equalities Advocate
To ensure that equalities issues are fully considered in the LGA’s policy making process, each LGA Board has identified a member to be an Equalities Advocate.

Guidance for members and visitors
Notes to ensure the safety of visitors to, and staff and tenants of, 18 Smith Square.