Our political balance

The LGA's political balance is defined by the outcome of the English and Welsh local elections each year. Following the elections, the LGC Elections Centre at the University of Plymouth provides the Association with the definitive figures - at the point of calculation - for the LGA's proportionality.

The LGA Board agrees the proportionality figures as the basis for negotiating the allocation of chairs and vice-chairs and populating all our member structures. The political groups then use their respective methods of selection to populate the seats apportioned to them in time for the start of the new political year on 1 September.

LGA's political balance for 2023/2024 following the local elections held on Thursday 4 May 2023



Lib Dem


38.65 per cent 

33.75 per cent

14.96 per cent   

12.64 per cent


*This includes: Independent Councillors; Councillors elected through Community Groups and Residents' Associations; UKIP Councillors;  Green Party Councillors; Plaid Cymru Councillors; Liberal Councillors; and Councillors working in local groupings.