Apprenticeship support programme

We provide support to councils so they can maximise the Return on Investment (ROI) of their apprenticeship levy.

The programme works closely with MHCLG and DfE to help shape the emerging policy implementation. 

The Apprenticeship Support Programme:

The LGA’s apprenticeships support programme provides a range of practical support and advice for local authorities and their maintained schools on developing and enhancing their apprenticeship programme, including:

  • Guidance and advice notes
  • Sharing best practice from around the sector
  • Webinars on key aspects of managing an apprenticeship programme
  • Toolkits
  • Action learning
  • On-site support
  • Regional and national events
  • Support for developing new standards that are important to the sector

Find out more about some of the key elements of our programme below.

The Apprenticeships Maturity Model

The Apprenticeships Maturity Model was developed by the LGA in December 2017 as a new self-assessment tool for the local government sector to be able to benchmark its performance on apprenticeships. It has since been adapted by Health Education England for use with NHS Trusts.

The Maturity Model helps provide a framework for local authorities to develop and grow their apprenticeship programme and offers best practice ideas from around the sector to help councils put their programme on a sustainable footing.

You can find out more about the Apprenticeships Maturity Model here.

Apprenticeships MOTs

The Apprenticeship MOT is a new process developed by the LGA in 2019 as part of our core offer of support. Essentially a mini-review of a local authority apprenticeship programme, the MOT involves a visit from one of our apprenticeships team and is designed to:

- Develop a clear picture of a council apprenticeships programme, consider what it is doing well and which areas it should consider for improvement;

- Understand what the apprentice experience is like at the council and share best practice;

- Show how the council compares to the national and regional averages on apprenticeships starts, levy spend, schools and maturity model self-assessment;

- Provide an external assessment of the council’s performance against the Maturity Model to compare that with the council’s own assessment;

- Produce a short report setting out progress, comparisons, improvement priorities and identifying areas where LGA support can help.

As of January 2020, the LGA had completed Apprenticeship MOTs with 19 local authorities. Places for MOTs for the remainder of 2019/20 are currently fully booked, but we will be open for bookings again from 1 April 2020. Please contact for more information.

Webinars: Key Aspects of Managing an Apprenticeship Programme

We have run a successful webinar programme for the last two years reaching over 100 councils and covering topics as varied as the apprenticeship funding rules, working with schools, levy transfers, the public sector target and workforce planning.

Access all of our webinars and associated documents.

Sharing Best Practice, Advice and Guidance

The LGA provides a range of advice, guidance and best practice sharing for the sector on all aspects of managing and developing an apprenticeship programme.

We have developed several guides and toolkits for the sector covering working with schools, the public sector target and procurement, as well as sharing other examples of best practice from around the sector and a tool that maps apprenticeship standards to local authority job roles.

Our schools toolkit is available on the LGA website.

We provide most of our advice and guidance via our Apprenticeships KHUB Group, where there is also a lively forum to share ideas, queries and requests across the sector. The group is open to local authorities only. To request access to the KHUB group, please contact


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