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Involving older people case studies

Leeds Infostore
Leeds City Council created a website where older people, their relatives and carers, could find the right information quickly. To support older people's engagement with the website, the team have since set up a network of computer training courses.

LinkAge Bristol
Working with older people to develop sustainable networks of activities and support in the community.

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Involving older people videos

These videos have been produced by Rural Media. They highlight innovative approaches to ageing issues in rural communities.









Involving older people toolkits

Engaging older people guides

These handy guides to engaging older people have been commissioned by the English Forums on Ageing and developed jointly with the DWP and UK Advisory Forum on Ageing. They bring together ideas and good practice to help engagement meetings with older people go as smoothly as possible, dealing with key issues that have arisen from the experiences of members.

Making the point explains why the guidance was produced, summarises the content of the other guides, and will help you decide when to refer to other guides as you plan and run meetings.

Involving service users in shaping local services 

This report from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation  is about service users' experience and views of involvement in shaping services, and the experiences and views of commissioners when involving users. The research points to what is currently happening and what might be possible in the future shape of commissioning.

UK Advisory Forum on Ageing
Information about the forum which focuses on helping to improve the independence, health and wellbeing of older people through effective engagement and addressing the opportunities and challenges of an ageing society. It ensures the views of older people are heard and, importantly, responded to.

Involving older people organisations

DWP 'Later Life' Newsletter 

The DWP produces a newsletter 'Later Life' which provides latest news on policy changes, good practice, and initiatives and their impact on older people.