Lancashire County Council – Think Positive, Be Positive

To celebrate children’s mental health week, Lancashire County Council has launched ‘Think Positive, Be Positive’.

Children and young people aged 7 to 18 can access an online platform that provides different positive challenges for young people to do, raising awareness of mental health and wellbeing through imagining, reading and creating.

Young people would normally be taking part in the Reading Well schemes and at the end, there would be a physical exhibition celebrating the work that young people do during this time. There will now be an online exhibition with young people invited to share what they have created during their challenges.

Creative challenge

Young people will be invited to take part in different activities such as making a poster with a feel-good message, creating a healthy smoothing or making something out of recyclable rubbish.

This challenge is to not only support children and young people to think about something that makes them feel good and positive, but also to do something. This is intended to help them build resilience, as they focus on what works to feel positive.

Further information

Contact: Amy Niven, Bibliotherapy Officer, Lancashire Council