Winter Windows - Lancashire County Council

Lancashire Libraries have been running a project called ‘Winter Windows’. The aim of this project has been to bring light and colour to communities, whilst also supporting younger library users to keep busy and boost their own wellbeing.

Artistic creations

Libraries have been putting together and sharing packs of different art supplies (such as black card, different colour tissue paper, glue sticks) to give to their young Culture Hack volunteers, primary school children and some older library volunteers. Children, young people and their families then create artwork, particularly replicating stained glass, on the theme of nature. The artistic creations are then hung in the windows of libraries, for local residents to enjoy on their daily walks.

The artwork didn’t only brighten up the local areas, they also provided a creative outlet for children and young people, and their families, and enable them to come together to do something artistic during the difficult winter months.

window with round transparent pictures one of landscape with trees and one with a robin in a tree

Positive results

The mum of a six-year-old boy told the library staff how much her son had enjoyed taking part and how proud he was to have been asked, and then see the work displayed. Mum has spoken about how it’s helped her son’s wellbeing and how he was able to focus on the project, giving him relief from the pandemic and something to look forward to.

Lancashire Libraries have now given out more than 170 packs and as there has been such a positive response from local residents, the team will be putting together more packs for families to work on Spring themed window artwork. The team will also monitor the feedback to truly understand more about the well-being improvements experienced by local children and young people. As the packs are all completely free, everyone can get involved.

The winter windows project is also being showcased on Twitter with the hashtag #WinterWindows for everyone to enjoy.