Centre for Public Scrutiny – 10 questions to scrutinise climate action

This publication covers 10 questions, and several supplementary follow ups, to ask if you are scrutinising climate action in your council.

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It lays out key issues on which local scrutineers (councillors sitting on scrutiny committees and the officers who support them) can pose questions to those with decision-making responsibility. You can download it via the link below.

10 questions to ask if you are scrutinising climate change

The 10 questions
  • How well does the council understand the need to take action locally?  
  • How does the council’s leadership champion and direct action on climate change?  
  • How is the council adopting a clear and detailed strategic plan, and how is it mainstreaming climate change mitigation and adaptation?  
  • Has the council reviewed its investment strategy, supply chains and procurement models to give due consideration to climate change impacts?  
  • How is the council integrating sustainability and resilience into its transport and energy plans?
  • How is the council planning to understand and act on the need to adapt existing properties and estates to address the impacts of climate change – and to plan for new housing stock which is resilient to these impacts?
  • How is the council promoting climate education, diversifying the labour market and focusing on sectors that are sustainable?  
  • What measures are being taken to ensure that health and social care systems will be resilient with the extra pressures they will come under due to climate change?  
  • How does the council identify those who are most at risk from the impacts of climate change, and what is being done to assist the most vulnerable?  
  • How is the council supporting and working with all relevant private and civic actors in the area towards climate change mitigation and adaptation?