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Last year the LGA, like many councils, declared a climate emergency. As part of that declaration we have been looking at the decarbonisation of transport. Transport is now the biggest emitter of carbon of any sector in the UK. If we are going to reach our target of net zero emissions by 2050 or sooner we will need a fundamental transformation of the ways we move.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic we commissioned the University of Leeds to convene a series of workshops to discuss what policy options are available to councils. This work was themed around “avoid, shift and improve”. Actions that can help us avoid traveling, actions that can shift journeys onto public transport and active travel, and actions that can help us improve the technology we are using to emit less carbon.

All of our communities will have to do all of these things to some extent but the balance will be different for each area, some places will need to focus on improving emissions from cars others will be able to move towards greater use of walking and cycling. The right combination for each community is best decided locally.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us all to revaluate how our transport networks operate but they have not altered our commitment to reaching net zero. Recovery from the crisis must be compatible with our decarbonisation ambitions and our briefing notes are mindful of both the new reality we are in and the opportunity we can grasp as part of a green recovery.

This series of briefing notes, developed with experts from the University of Leeds, will help councils with a practical set of actions they can take forward for decarbonisation. From understanding how to set achievable timescales through to implementing measures that will help people change their travel behaviours. We hope that councils find them useful as we work towards our net zero goal.

Cllr David Renard

Chairman, LGA's Environment, Economy, Housing & Transport Board 

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