Post-Brexit England Commission

The Local Government Association’s People and Places Board established the Post-Brexit England Commission to broaden its understanding of the issues and opportunities facing the towns, villages, rural, deeply rural and coastal communities of non-metropolitan England in the coming years.

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The Post-Brexit England Commission ran from February 2018 to July 2019. To inform its recommendations, it heard from experts and academics, partners in the public sector and leaders from local businesses and communities, all with a stake in non-metropolitan England. It held eight regional roadshows across the country gathering evidence on the challenges rural and coastal communities are facing and the local policy levers needed to tackle them.

In July 2018, it published an interim report outlining the ‘perfect storm’ of social and demographic challenges facing our rural and coastal communities. It detailed seven key areas in which the Commission proposed local government should be given the powers to address local issues to support the future success of non-metropolitan England.

In July 2019, the Commission published its final report. Building on the recommendations of the interim report it highlights three broad areas where there is the greatest opportunity for councils to lead partners and deliver growth that meets the nation’s global ambitions, while giving due respect to local places and local people.  

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