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Shared services

Local government continues to lead the way in the public sector with collaborative service delivery and implementation through shared service arrangements, saving the taxpayer over £1.34bn in cumulative efficiency savings from 626 partnerships. The LGA’s Shared Service Map also benchmarked nearly £200m in efficiency savings during 2018/2019 alone, cementing councils’ reputation as the most efficient part of the public sector.

Please note that these pages are no longer updated. 
The information remains here in a legacy capacity.

National map of council shared services

The LGA has updated our interactive map of shared services for 2019, detailing collaborative service delivery across the local government sector. It indicates who is sharing what and the efficiency savings and service delivery benefits that are being achieved.

If your shared service arrangement is not featured on the map please do take this opportunity to raise the profile of your work. Contact us at [email protected] and we will get your example included on the map.

National map of shared services

“Councils have embraced efficiency and innovation in a way that is not seen anywhere else in the public sector and these fantastic new figures show they, once again, remain at the forefront of cost-effective service delivery.

Councils sharing ideas and working collaboratively has contributed to more than £1 billion in efficiency savings that have helped local government to try and protect vital local services amid ongoing funding pressures.”

Lord Porter, LGA Chairman 2015-2019