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Green book FAQs

The following frequently asked questions are intended to be a helpful resource for local authority employers. Individual local authorities may have agreed local variations to the nationally agreed conditions and it is important for users of the following information to note that their local authority may have alternative local provisions in place.

Where can I obtain a copy of the green book?

The Green Book is available to download in full for member authorities and Employer Link subscribers. Individual staff in member local authorities and subscriber organisations will need to register with the website in order to gain access.

Where can I find the current national green book subsistence rates?

The NJC ceased to produce nationally agreed subsistence rates for local government staff in 1996. Since that time, subsistence rates have been a subject for local determination.

Where can I find the NJC circular that provides advice on Christmas/New Year working for this year?

The Joint Secretaries only provide this advice in years when either Christmas or New Year public holidays fall on a Saturday or Sunday.

National car allowances - where can I find out how the independent panel determines the car allowances each year, i.e. what are the component elements?

Please follow these links to the Independent panel report and to the latest car allowance circulars:

Local government services car allowances 

Does the NJC for LGS produce allowance rates for motorcycles and bicycles?

No, it doesn't. If your authority has introduced such allowances this will be locally determined.

The Inland Revenue allowance rates for motorcycles and bicycles are available at  

Where can I find information on spinal column points for the green book that go beyond point 49?

The national conditions do not go beyond point 49. If your authority is using a scale that goes beyond this point, it is likely to be a locally or perhaps regionally determined scale.

My local authority is undertaking a local pay and grading review. Who can I talk to?

The LGA offers a consultancy service to optimise pay and reward structures using a number of different JE schemes. 

What are the pay rates for local authority care workers?

There are no nationally determined grades for any employees who are covered by the LGS pay spine. Individual local authorities determine levels of pay for their employees.

Should I be pro-rating the lump sum element of the national car allowance scheme for my authority's part-time employees?

No, the car allowance scheme applies equally to part-time and full-time employees with regards to the lump sum payment. For reference see part 2 paragraph 8.1 of the green book.

The changes to the statutory maternity and adoption schemes state that there can be a maximum of ‘keeping in touch days between employer and employee and that if an employee attends the workplace for even one hour this should be counted as one of the ten days. Does the employer need to pay the employee a whole day's pay for the one hour attendance/work?

This will be a matter for agreement between the employee and employer. A woman will continue to receive her SMP for the week in which she works, however, in most cases a woman should also be paid for any work she does under the contract. Issues to take into account will include the nature of the work and its duration. It is open to an employer to offset the SMP for the day against any pay due. These matters should be discussed and clearly agreed before any work is undertaken. Please see LGA Advisory Bulletin 518 for further information.