Housing Advisers Programme 2019/20

The Housing Advisers Programme is designed to support councils seeking to innovate in meeting the housing needs of their communities. The programme is now open for English authorities and will accept applications until 19 September 2019.


The programme is now open for English local authorities and will close on 19 September 2019.

There is a significant nationwide housing crisis; forcing difficult choices on families, distorting places, hampering growth, and putting untold pressure on local authority services and budgets.

Ultimately there is a crisis because housing is often unavailable, unaffordable, and not appropriate for those that need it. While there are a number of explanations for this, the reality is that housing markets are complex and interconnected systems, both within and with other parts of our economy and society, and they vary significantly around the country.

As housebuilders, housing enablers, and landlords; as planners, place-shapers, and agents of growth, transport and infrastructure; as responsible guardians to the vulnerable and the homeless; and as democratically accountable to our communities – local government is at the heart of the solution.

There is impressive innovation emerging across local government’s housing activities and a renewed emphasis from central government on the need to build homes, which includes an acknowledgement of the role councils can play in achieving this.

The LGA wants to help promote, facilitate and enhance the role and capacity of councils to meet local housing need. This is the ambition of the Housing Advisers Programme.

On 16 October 2019 we are hosting our Shared Learning Event which will give you an opportunity to hear about some of the innovative projects funded through the last two years of the Housing Advisers Programme.