Innovation in council housebuilding

Research findings into council housebuilding – case studies and learning points from action on the ground


Council housebuilding must be at the centre of a renewed effort to deliver homes that generate growth and that communities need now and into the future.This was one of the conclusions of the LGA’s Housing Commission report ‘Building our homes, communities and future’. We are pleased, through this new report, to share examples of councils that are doing just that. The case studies of council housebuilding show how councils are opening up opportunities to build good quality homes that are designed to be accessible, affordable and energy efficient.

There is a wealth of information in this report about the context for council housebuilding, the broader picture of housing delivery led by councils and an analysis of the process councils have gone through to set up active building programmes. It is drawn from the direct experience of councils and their insights into setting up new building schemes. It is a complete and detailed study of delivering innovation in council housebuilding, presented here in sections so that councils can draw easily on the parts that are most relevant to them.

Case studies of innovative housebuilding projects are a core part of the report. Chapter eight provides ten case studies of council housebuilding programmes around the country. The report is both a complete study and individual sections of useful information and resources.