LGA statement - ‘Operation Warm Welcome’

LGA statement on 'Operation Warm Welcome' as of 6 September 2021.

Responding to the Government’s announcement of ‘Operation Warm Welcome’ to help Afghan refugees resettle in the UK, Cllr Nick Forbes, Chair of the Local Government Association’s Asylum, Refugee and Migration Task Force, said:

“Councils have a proud history of supporting efforts to support new arrivals starting new lives in the UK and our hearts go out to the Afghan people facing this humanitarian crisis.

“Most councils are offering support and many are working together on the national resettlement effort. They, their partners and local communities continue to help those fleeing Afghanistan who may need access to local services to both help them recover from any trauma they may have and to settle into jobs and schools.

“District councils who are offering help with housing, are working with counties who provide social care, public health and children’s services to ensure the full range of support can be available to meet the needs of new arrivals. Councils are also working with NHS partners and the voluntary sector to coordinate wider health and practical help.

“Councils’ focus is on ensuring families’ needs are met. The costs to councils and their partners of their support need to be met in both the short and long term. We also urgently need key details of the new Afghan resettlement scheme so councils can continue to welcome new arrivals into their new homes both now and in the future.”