National Procurement Strategy

This site brings together guidance documents, case study examples of good practice and a host of other resources to enable local government to share with and learn from each other, as well as check their progress against the National Procurement Strategy.

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The LGA launched new National Procurement Strategy in February 2018. It’s not about compliance or tactical issues, its streamlined structure reflects learning from the 2014 strategy and the diagnostic exercise, focusing on three key themes which, consultation has shown, reflects local government’s priorities for the next four years:

  • showing leadership
  • behaving commercially
  • achieving community benefits

In addition to the themes, the strategy identifies four ‘enablers’:

  • developing talent
  • exploiting digital technology
  • enabling innovation
  • embedding change.

These cross-cutting actions have been identified by councils as being necessary for successful delivery in the key areas. The idea is that each council chooses the level of maturity it aims for in each of the key areas. The choices will naturally reflect local priorities and the resources available to the council. It is recognised, of course, that district councils may have different objectives to larger councils.

It is envisaged that groups of councils may want to develop their own regional procurement strategies based on this model which reflect their own local and regional priorities.

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National Procurement Strategy: Delivering the Ambition - Initial Diagnostic Results

National Procurement Strategy: Delivering the Ambition - Initial Diagnostic Results

The report contains details of the main findings from the 2018 diagnostic assessment, examples of good practice whilst identifying some of the key areas for improvement for 2019/20. Each council taking part in the assessment defined what mattered most to them and decided the level of attainment to which it wanted to aspire but one of the key messages, across the sector, was that contract and relationship management and social value are both key areas where attention needs to be focused. The National Advisory Group for Procurement will be looking at ways in which it can help channel resources as a means of helping councils to seek improvement in these areas.

Local Government Procurement Showcase presentations

At an event in September 2017 we showcased the LGA’s work on procurement. At this event the sector discussed what might be included in a new national procurement strategy for 2018.

Download the slides and resources

Read more about the NPS one year on survey findings