Online harms

Safeguarding and the protection of children and vulnerable adults is the responsibility of everyone, whether in a personal or a professional capacity. But the online world has added complexity to this. Here you can find a series of resources providing useful information and guidance about online harms.


Below are a series of short videos which outline:

  • what we mean by online harms
  • examples of online harms
  • relevant legislation
  • the implications and considerations needed
  • useful resources
  • a checklist to support best practice.

Online harms: an introduction 

Online harms: what it means

Online harms: risk and harm

Online harms: child exploitation and bullying 

Online harms: extremism and misinformation

Online harms: addiction and fraud

Online harms: Online Safety Bill

Online harms: implications and personal responsibility

Online harms: checklist and conclusion

Must Know: Online Harms publication

This guide is designed for councillors, adapting the content of the videos into one easy to read resource.

front cover for must know online harms publications