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Top tips for getting started

Top tips to get started with a behaviour change project

What can I do first?

  • You have read the six steps to completing a behaviour change project and have grasped some examples. It might seem a bit overwhelming at this stage but chunking it up into different stages will help. So, what shall I do first? Here are a few top tips:

  • In your next team meeting, or one to one with your manager, you could bring up that you’ve read these pages. 

  • Before that discussion, think precisely about the behaviour that you are trying to change – what, who, where, when, how?

  • You could ‘steal with pride’ and propose a quick win from the case studies section. If other councils have achieved a change in behaviour, why not start with something which you know has worked? Would speaking to that council help to gain some further ideas? Do not hesitate to email [email protected] for a link up with a council.

  • Don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good. It does not need to be perfect. Like anything, you’ll learn as you go, and next time, it’ll be even better.