Place narrative

Place narrative is the clear compelling story that sums up key elements of places and people in your council area.

The narrative will reference location, culture, history, future aspirations and community. It will focus on positive future direction while acknowledging any challenges.

Based on research, the place and the story described in the narrative will be recognisable to the majority in the community and resonate with audiences internal and external to the council. The place narrative should be adaptable to reflect short-term and long-term changes locally and culturally.

Ideally, the place narrative will be supported by a coherent and professional visual identity – the place brand.

A place brand is not a logo and a strapline. It can include these things but that is not all it is. A place brand should be a shared understanding and expression of place, supported by a set of verbal and visual assets, including: narrative, messages, design, photography, film and digital. These assets should be used across a range of consistent and coherent communications activities to support your place marketing objectives.