Disabled Councillors Leadership Programme

We have partnered with Disability Rights UK to offer a bespoke leadership programme for disabled councillors. We are committed to supporting under-represented groups in local government and we understand the value of providing councillors with learning opportunities alongside peers with shared experience.

Our political leadership programmes support councillors to develop leadership skills and enhance their effectiveness as councillors.

The Disabled Councillors Leadership Programme has been shaped in co-production with disabled people and councillors, ensuring it responds to the specific needs of disabled leaders. The carefully chosen topics and activities will take disabled councillors through a six-month journey of personal development to accelerate their leadership skills and support them to be resilient and confident local leaders.

Alongside our partners, Disability Rights UK, we are pleased to offer disabled councillors the opportunity to join Cohort 2 of the programme.

Who is this programme for?

The Disabled Councillors Leadership Programme has been designed for ambitious, talented councillors who are disabled (this includes any disability that a councillor lives with).

Delegates must be looking to enhance their leadership skills and may also be thinking about further career development.


The programme will support councillors to:

  • learn more about their strengths as a leader and identify areas for improvement
  • increase their understanding of leadership in the political context and develop their leadership style
  • increase their ability to work across political boundaries to achieve goals
  • learn more about the disabled people’s movement, including how to use your disability as a leadership asset and to advocate for disabled people
  • increase their confidence as a leader, and overcome imposter syndrome
  • refine their communication skills using different communications channels and methods
  • build networks to bring people together and make connections
  • positively influence, challenge and manage difficult conversations.


Delegates will attend three workshops over six months:

  • Workshop 1 – Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 November 2023 (residential, with optional overnight stay on Friday 24 November)
  • Workshop 2 – Saturday 20 January 2024 (online)
  • Workshop 3 – Saturday 9 March 2024 (in person).


By participating in the programme, delegates will:

  • meet disabled councillors from across the country from all political parties
  • learn from each other and develop as a cohort of peers and critical friends
  • enhance their skills and confidence as local leaders
  • draw on and become part of a network of peers from former cohorts of the Disabled Councillors Leadership Programme
  • receive support to enable them to fully participate in the programme.

Feedback received from Cohort 1 (2022)

Delegates from Cohort 1 of the programme have told us:

It has helped me to re-evaluate my imposter syndrome, and think differently about my disability.

“I’ve gained more confidence to contribute to meetings, and enhanced my thinking.”

“My community development has been encouraged by how we’ve worked in these sessions. It’s helped me understand what my legacy will be.”

"My disabilities enhance me, and I’ve got so much to offer."


Applications are reviewed jointly by the LGA and Disability Rights UK.

Apply now

For more information about any aspect of the programme, please email [email protected]


There is no cost to attend the programme, however delegates’ local authorities must cover travel costs.