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Further resources and guidance for new councillors

Find helpful resources and guidance relevant to new councillors.

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New councillors frequently asked questions

The LGA runs events and sessions following local elections as an opportunity to provide support to new (and returning) councillors. These present an opportunity to speak to experienced LGA member peers about their top tips and to share thoughts from other experienced councillors – some of which are collated and shared as FAQs.

LGA e-learning platform for councillors

As part of our programme of supporting political leadership development we have developed a range of online learning modules.

LGA virtual events programme

Covering a wide range of local government topics and best practice, our easy-to-access virtual events programme will provide you with the very latest, relevant content and access to speakers from within and outside local government.

Councillor workbooks

View our range of learning materials covering a number of topics, all created for councillors.

Civility in public life

Across the UK, there are growing concerns about the impact an increasing level of public intimidation and toxicity of debate is having on our country’s democratic processes. In response, the LGA is working closely with WLGA, COSLA and NILGA to coordinate a programme of work entitled ‘Civility in public life’.

LG Inform

LG Inform brings together in one accessible place a range of key performance data for authorities, alongside contextual and financial information, in an online tool. Users can view data from over 6,600 individual items, make comparisons between their authority and other councils or groups of councils.