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Artificial intelligence use cases

Welcome to the LGA AI use case bank, which has been compiled to inform and empower local councils in their exploration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions.

Building on the findings of our recent AI survey, which highlighted the need for practical examples, this bank showcases the diverse ways local authorities are leveraging AI. 

Within this collection, you'll discover a spectrum of AI adoption, ranging from utilising AI assistants to streamline back-office tasks to pioneering the implementation of bespoke Large Language Models (LLMs). These real-world use cases exemplify the innovative spirit driving advancements in local government service delivery. 

Whether your council is at the outset of its AI exploration or seeking to expand its existing capabilities, this bank offers a wealth of valuable insights and best practices to support your organisation's AI journey. 


If your council is adopting or implementing AI and would like to be featured on our use case bank, please contact Tom Hindmarch.