Cybercrime reporting

How to notify the authorities if you think the law might have been broken or you're concerned that there’s a problem in a market sector.

Action Fraud

Action Fraud is the UK’s national reporting centre for fraud and cyber-crime, and takes crime and information reports on behalf of the police and gives advice and fraud prevention guidance. Action Fraud does not have investigation powers, however, the reports taken by Action Fraud are sent to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) which is run by the City of London Police, the national lead force for fraud.

Competition & Markets Authority (CMA)

We work to promote competition for the benefit of consumers, both within and outside the UK. Our aim is to make markets work well for consumers, businesses and the economy. CMA is a non-ministerial department.

Help us stop unfair cartels

Cartels are formed when businesses agree not to compete with each other. Price-fixing, bid-rigging and market-sharing are some of the most serious types of business cartels. Business cartels are unfair. They cheat customers, who end up paying more for lower quality goods and services. That’s why they are illegal and it’s our job to investigate them. That’s also why we are giving you useful information to safely report cartels.

Reporting form

Competition & Markets Authority online reporting form.

Serious Fraud Office

The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) investigates and prosecutes serious or complex fraud, bribery and corruption. The SFO is a specialist prosecuting authority tackling the top level of serious or complex fraud, bribery and corruption.